Parents have many parenting dilemmas and questions. Parenting is difficult. Parents want to raise their children well, but how do you do this? Parents and children are unique. Parenting is different for each child and situation. It is therefore difficult to get solutions from books or magazines. Parents want to mirror their children but at the same time children mirror their parents. Children are capable of pushing the sensitive buttons, challenging and triggering parents. This can make adults insecure or even vulnerable. Society also asks a lot of parents. You have to work and be a good parent at the same time. This can lead to feelings of guilt. Because parents are also strict to each other, in the schoolyard or privately we criticize each other. Parenting is difficult in a relationship, because we think differently as a unique person but parenting is also difficult as a single father or mother. 

Are any of the statements/questions below applicable to you?

  • I can't talk well with my partner about the education. We differ from vision. Clear distribution ' good cop-bad cop '. Children see this and play us out, how do I/we deal with this?
  • I/we are unsure about several aspects of raising a child. I/we have many questions and would like to understand how to set limits for our child.
  • How do I deal with an autistic/ADHD/ADD Child, how is this within our family and in relation to the other family members, how do we handle this?
  • I work full time and how do I combine work with education? I often feel guilty that I have so much work.
  • My child is incredibly sensitive to stimuli from the environment and sound. How do I deal with this?
  • I agree too often to my child, how do I say no, I am afraid it is too spoiled.
  • My toddler runs the house and is very dominant. How do I/we deal with this?
  • My teenager is rude and shows no respect. How do I/we handle this?
  • My teenager makes their own rules, often comes home late, is late for school, is always angry, and shouts a lot. How do I/we deal with this?
  • How do I/we order with an addicted child or a child residing on a residential group or psychiatric institution, how do I/we give this a place? This can also be an adult child (18 +).
  • My teenager is questioning their sexuality. How do we talk about this?


As a single parent, you are incredibly busy and don’t have a partner from whom you can get any feedback. A divorce destabilizes the upbringing. How are you going to continue raising your children as divorced parents? Blended families also present a complex dynamic. Two families have to get used to and adjust to one another and form a new family, and this can cause a great deal of friction. I have worked with parents and children for many years. Upbringing and the parent-child connection is one of the most complex relationships. It is a relationship that is difficult to unravel, and parents often find it hard to accept feedback about how they raise their children. But I am direct and call it like I see it. I address the behaviour, and this is never a personal attack. When I talk about partners, I do not just mean this in the heteronormative sense but also include LGBT families.


  • How are we going to decide on how we want to raise our children as a blended family? We often disagree with one another and the children have noticed this. How do I/we deal with this?
  • Even though we’re a blended family, I would like to keep the say in how I raise my children but my new partner wants to have input as well, and this is something I struggle with. How do we make clear agreements?
  • How do we raise our children as divorced parents? How do we continue to communicate?
  • As a single mother or father it is great to get some feedback from a coach, as you don’t have a partner to provide this for you. It’s a tough job to combine work and raising your children as a single parent. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and commitments?