I am Katya Smit. I am a psychologist and live and work in Wassenaar. After twenty years in youth care, I started my own coaching consultancy. My greatest passion is to help people feel connected to themselves again.

In Your life you will have to deal with obstacles. I prefer to call them waves. You can't avoid the waves, but you can learn to swim better. As a psychologist I have a lot of experience with parents and children and I am also a bonus mother of two teenagers. I put out my work experience but also my private life. I have been sick myself and I know how to handle and accept this. These personal life lessons combined with my knowledge and character make me a personal, warm, involved coach. I stand close to my clients and imagine as vulnerable as they are. As a South American born, I speak fluent Spanish (in addition to Dutch) and can also coach in English. Are you looking for even more depth? Maybe nice to know that I have studied Tibetan Buddhism from interest. If desired, I also share some of these life lessons with you!



I first create a safe environment by making you feel completely comfortable and at ease. We start with a click-talk at my home. In this conversation we discuss all your personal wishes and goals. I will ask many different questions, so that I can get to know you better. We also decide whether we have a mutual click which is necessary to make the next appointment. This click-talk takes between one and one-and-half hours. Once your wishes are clear, we are also going to set goals and I will give you advice and practical tools that you can use at home to achieve them. These are important resources that you can use to get started immediately! I am an active, involved, and loyal coach and I try to get to the core of the problem in order to be able to empathise and coach. People don’t just come to me because they need someone to listen, but because I also provide solutions!

After the click-talk I can make an initial estimation about how many coaching sessions will be needed. This can vary from five sessions to more. Your coaching sessions can take place at my office at my home, but I can also provide sessions at your home or in one of the numerous nature reserves in the Wassenaar/The Hague region. With these options you can decide where you feel most at ease, as this is when open, trusting, and insightful conversations are most likely to happen.
I don’t have a nine-to-five mentality and will try to adjust to your agenda if possible. You can receive personal coaching sessions, but I also offer coaching sessions to couples about relationships and raising children.